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Used to specify mouse cursors for the SetObjectMouseCursor‎‎ function or in the EnterTargetingMode function.


The "Down" variant is the version of the cursor when the mouse cursor is pressed down and usually has "d" in the filename. The non-down is usually in the game files referred to as "up" or "u" in the filename.

Custom ones can be added from custom_00 to custom_99 (filename: gui_mp_custom00u/d to gui_mp_custom99u/d). There are only constant definitions for the first and last of that range.

Constant Value Icon Filename Description
MOUSECURSOR_DEFAULT 1 Gui mp defaultu.png gui_mp_defaultu.tga Default mouse cursor.
MOUSECURSOR_DEFAULT_DOWN 2 Gui mp defaultd.png gui_mp_defaultd.tga Default mouse cursor.
MOUSECURSOR_WALK 3 Gui mp walku.png gui_mp_walku.tga Walking cursor.
MOUSECURSOR_WALK_DOWN 4 Gui mp walkd.png gui_mp_walkd.tga Walking cursor.
MOUSECURSOR_NOWALK 5 Gui mp nowalku.png gui_mp_nowalku.tga Can not walk here.
MOUSECURSOR_NOWALK_DOWN 6 Gui mp nowalkd.png gui_mp_nowalkd.tga Can not walk here.
MOUSECURSOR_ATTACK 7 Gui mp attacku.png gui_mp_attacku.tga Attack selected
MOUSECURSOR_ATTACK_DOWN 8 Gui mp attackd.png gui_mp_attackd.tga Attack selected
MOUSECURSOR_NOATTACK 9 Gui mp noatcku.png gui_mp_noatcku.tga Can not attack
MOUSECURSOR_NOATTACK_DOWN 10 Gui mp noatckd.png gui_mp_noatckd.tga Can not attack
MOUSECURSOR_TALK 11 Gui mp talku.png gui_mp_talku.tga Talk (icon: mouth closed)
MOUSECURSOR_TALK_DOWN 12 Gui mp talkd.png gui_mp_talkd.tga Talk (icon: mouth open)
MOUSECURSOR_NOTALK 13 Gui mp talku.png gui_mp_talku.tga Can not talk (icon: mouth closed).
MOUSECURSOR_NOTALK_DOWN 14 Gui mp talkd.png gui_mp_talkd.tga Can not talk (icon: mouth open).
MOUSECURSOR_FOLLOW 15 Gui mp followu.png gui_mp_followu.tga Follow.
MOUSECURSOR_FOLLOW_DOWN 16 Gui mp followd.png gui_mp_followd.tga Follow.
MOUSECURSOR_EXAMINE 17 Gui mp examineu.png gui_mp_examineu.tga Examine (icon: eye wide)
MOUSECURSOR_EXAMINE_DOWN 18 Gui mp examined.png gui_mp_examined.tga Examine (icon: eye squint)
MOUSECURSOR_NOEXAMINE 19 Gui mp noexamu.png gui_mp_noexamu.tga Can not examine (icon: eye wide).
MOUSECURSOR_NOEXAMINE_DOWN 20 Gui mp noexamd.png gui_mp_noexamd.tga Can not examine (icon: eye squint).
MOUSECURSOR_TRANSITION 21 Gui mp transu.png gui_mp_transu.tga Transition
MOUSECURSOR_TRANSITION_DOWN 22 Gui mp transd.png gui_mp_transd.tga Transition
MOUSECURSOR_DOOR 23 Gui mp dooru.png gui_mp_dooru.tga Door (used for transition) (icon: door closed)
MOUSECURSOR_DOOR_DOWN 24 Gui mp doord.png gui_mp_doord.tga Door (used for transition) (icon: door open)
MOUSECURSOR_USE 25 Gui mp useu.png gui_mp_useu.tga Use
MOUSECURSOR_USE_DOWN 26 Gui mp used.png gui_mp_used.tga Use
MOUSECURSOR_NOUSE 27 Gui mp nouseu.png gui_mp_nouseu.tga Can not use.
MOUSECURSOR_NOUSE_DOWN 28 Gui mp noused.png gui_mp_noused.tga Can not use.
MOUSECURSOR_MAGIC 29 Gui mp magicu.png gui_mp_magicu.tga Magic
MOUSECURSOR_MAGIC_DOWN 30 Gui mp magicd.png gui_mp_magicd.tga Magic
MOUSECURSOR_NOMAGIC 31 Gui mp nomagicu.png gui_mp_nomagicu.tga Can not use magic.
MOUSECURSOR_NOMAGIC_DOWN 32 Gui mp nomagicd.png gui_mp_nomagicd.tga Can not use magic.
MOUSECURSOR_DISARM 33 Gui mp disarmu.png gui_mp_disarmu.tga Disarm trap (icon: trap closed)
MOUSECURSOR_DISARM_DOWN 34 Gui mp disarmd.png gui_mp_disarmd.tga Disarm trap (icon: trap open)
MOUSECURSOR_NODISARM 35 Gui mp nodisarmu.png gui_mp_nodisarmu.tga Can not disarm trap (icon: trap closed)
MOUSECURSOR_NODISARM_DOWN 36 Gui mp nodisarmd.png gui_mp_nodisarmd.tga Can not disarm trap (icon: trap open)
MOUSECURSOR_ACTION 37 Gui mp actionu.png gui_mp_actionu.tga Action command
MOUSECURSOR_ACTION_DOWN 38 Gui mp actiond.png gui_mp_actiond.tga Action command
MOUSECURSOR_NOACTION 39 Gui mp noactionu.png gui_mp_noactionu.tga Can not action.
MOUSECURSOR_NOACTION_DOWN 40 Gui mp noactiond.png gui_mp_noactiond.tga Can not action.
MOUSECURSOR_LOCK 41 Gui mp locku.png gui_mp_locku.tga Lock (icon: key outside lock)
MOUSECURSOR_LOCK_DOWN 42 Gui mp lockd.png gui_mp_lockd.tga Lock (icon: key inside lock)
MOUSECURSOR_NOLOCK 43 Gui mp nolocku.png gui_mp_nolocku.tga Can not lock (icon: key outside lock).
MOUSECURSOR_NOLOCK_DOWN 44 Gui mp nolockd.png gui_mp_nolockd.tga Can not lock (icon: key inside lock).
MOUSECURSOR_PUSHPIN 45 Gui mp pushpinu.png gui_mp_pushpinu.tga Pushpin (default use is for mini-map)
MOUSECURSOR_PUSHPIN_DOWN 46 Gui mp pushpind.png gui_mp_pushpind.tga Pushpin (default use is for mini-map)
MOUSECURSOR_CREATE 47 Gui mp createu.png gui_mp_createu.tga Create
MOUSECURSOR_CREATE_DOWN 48 Gui mp created.png gui_mp_created.tga Create
MOUSECURSOR_NOCREATE 49 Gui mp nocreatu.png gui_mp_nocreatu.tga Can not create.
MOUSECURSOR_NOCREATE_DOWN 50 Gui mp nocreatd.png gui_mp_nocreatd.tga Can not create.
MOUSECURSOR_KILL 51 Gui mp killu.png gui_mp_killu.tga Kill (icon: skull with hollow eyes)
MOUSECURSOR_KILL_DOWN 52 Gui mp killd.png gui_mp_killd.tga Kill (icon: skull with eyes)
MOUSECURSOR_NOKILL 53 Gui mp nokillu.png gui_mp_nokillu.tga Can not kill (icon: skull with hollow eyes)
MOUSECURSOR_NOKILL_DOWN 54 Gui mp nokilld.png gui_mp_nokilld.tga Can not kill (icon: skull with eyes)
MOUSECURSOR_HEAL 55 Gui mp healu.png gui_mp_healu.tga Heal (icon: small + sign)
MOUSECURSOR_HEAL_DOWN 56 Gui mp heald.png gui_mp_heald.tga Heal (icon: full + sign)
MOUSECURSOR_NOHEAL 57 Gui mp nohealu.png gui_mp_nohealu.tga Can not heal (icon: small + sign).
MOUSECURSOR_NOHEAL_DOWN 58 Gui mp noheald.png gui_mp_noheald.tga Can not heal (icon: full + sign).
MOUSECURSOR_RUNARROW 59 Gui mp arrun00.pngGui mp arrun01.pngGui mp arrun02.pngGui mp arrun03.pngGui mp arrun04.pngGui mp arrun05.pngGui mp arrun06.pngGui mp arrun07.pngGui mp arrun08.pngGui mp arrun09.pngGui mp arrun10.pngGui mp arrun11.pngGui mp arrun12.pngGui mp arrun13.pngGui mp arrun14.pngGui mp arrun15.png gui_mp_arrun[00-15].tag Run (directional arrows) (icon: long arrow)
MOUSECURSOR_WALKARROW 75 Gui mp arwalk00.pngGui mp arwalk01.pngGui mp arwalk02.pngGui mp arwalk03.pngGui mp arwalk04.pngGui mp arwalk05.pngGui mp arwalk06.pngGui mp arwalk07.pngGui mp arwalk08.pngGui mp arwalk09.pngGui mp arwalk10.pngGui mp arwalk11.pngGui mp arwalk12.pngGui mp arwalk13.pngGui mp arwalk14.pngGui mp arwalk15.png gui_mp_arwalk[00-15].tag Walk (directional arrrows) (icon: short arrow)
MOUSECURSOR_PICKUP 91 Gui mp pickupu.png gui_mp_pickupu.tga Pickup item (icon: Open/grabbing hand)
MOUSECURSOR_PICKUP_DOWN 92 Gui mp pickupd.png gui_mp_pickupd.tga Pickup item (icon: Closed/Grabbed).
MOUSECURSOR_CUSTOM_00 93 This is the start of the custom range. It loads gui_mp_custom00u.tga from the game files.
MOUSECURSOR_CUSTOM_00_DOWN 94 This is the start of the custom range. It loads gui_mp_custom00d.tga from the game files.
MOUSECURSOR_CUSTOM_99 291 This is the end of the custom range. It loads gui_mp_custom99u.tga from the game files.
MOUSECURSOR_CUSTOM_99_DOWN 292 This is the end of the custom range. It loads gui_mp_custom99d.tga from the game files.


This constants group was added in 1.80.8193.14 of NWN:EE.

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