NuiSetBind(object, int, string, json)

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Sets a json value for the given player, token and bind.

void NuiSetBind(
    object oPlayer,
    int nUiToken,
    string sBindName,
    json jValue


The player to set a json value for
the ui token
the json bind
the json value


Sets a json value for the given player, token and bind.


The value is synced down to the client and can be used in UI binding. When the UI changes the value, it is returned to the server and can be retrieved via NuiGetBind().

  • json values can hold all kinds of values; but NUI widgets require specific bind types. It is up to you to either handle this in NWScript, or just set compatible bind types. No auto-conversion happens.
  • If the bind is on the watch list, this will immediately invoke the event handler with the "watch" even type; even before this function returns. Do not update watched binds from within the watch handler unless you enjoy stack overflows.

Does nothing if the given player+token is invalid.


This function was added in 1.85.8193.31 of NWN:EE.


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